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'FUE' Clinics/Transplants in general

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'FUE' Clinics/Transplants in general

Postby jimmyh » Wed Dec 08, 2010 5:57 pm


First time on here but have been researching various things on line such as Provillus, regaine, have tried mixodil etc etc etc...

I am 31 and have kind of accepted what will be with regards to hairloss so have had my hair short for past couple of years, but have become intruiged about hair transplant. Not major, I don't really want a massive afro from a crew cut, but I have got a consultation with FUE Clinics lined up to go through the available options, including a transplant.

I then did a bit of digging online and see that FUE Clinics were formerly part of Nortons or something and had a load of bad press with their strip transplants.

I was wondering if anyone had any knowledge of FUE Clinics (they are in Brum, London, Manchester I think) and Dr Theo V who is listed as surgeon; or any experience of FUE transplants in general in the UK.

Lots of press recently about the fue method, with James Nesbitt, Rob Brydon etc having this done.

Anyway! Hope someone can help
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Re: 'FUE' Clinics/Transplants in general

Postby mania » Sat Jul 07, 2018 10:57 am

Yeah there are plenty of hair transplant clinic that can really give the best results that most of the people are looking for such a desire FUE hair transplant clinic in Pakistan is one of the best clinic in for those who are looking for FUE surgery ..
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