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Hair Systems & Bad experiences

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Hair Systems & Bad experiences

Postby MH2GO » Wed Feb 15, 2012 6:17 pm

Not sure about you but i have been scammed very badly by hair replacement companies in the UK, making false promises and charging a heck of alot of money for hair systems that do not even cost that much.

There are a very well known hair replacement company out there that have treated me very badly, taken me for a fool and just saw me as a money bag. Frankly im shocked at how they are still trading with the amount of bad experiences people have had with them

Anyways with my contacts and experience over time i decided that i needed to do something about this and try and help people who wear a hair system and realise you do not need to pay over the odds for a high quality hair system. This is not a spam but merely of letting people know that you can get very high quality hair systems and do not have to pay £100's or £1000's pounds. Also you can read my full story and experiences on wearing a hair system at [no links please - admin]

any questions or queries please do not hesistate to ask me
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Re: Hair Systems & Bad experiences

Postby mania » Mon Jun 11, 2018 10:46 am

Well not to be scammed by the fake hair replacement company , if want to have a hair transplant surgery then you have to visit FUE hair transplant in Pakistan. you will never disappoint.
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